App Overview
Reserved App

Reserve tables, purchase bottles, and find specials at your favorite clubs and bars. You can also preview your bill and order directly through your phone while you're at a participating club.

I had personally never enjoyed the club scene much, so the team was eager to show me their experiences with booking tables today, in person. Every day, while recovering from the night before, was spent calling different promoters trying to find the best deal on bottles. It turns out, the number of bottles you're going to purchase determine the likelihood of reserving a table. Another factor was how many "dudes" you were bringing to the club. We had to maintain a ratio of 2:1 (dudes:bottles), girls of course increased your chances, but never changed the ratio (noted as bizarre design challenge).

Payment verified

After four nights of this, I had taken enough notes to write a small novel. One thing that was apparent from our outings, was that the ability to pay your bill and track spending would be a huge feature for the clubs and the users. I played a big part in defining the product direction and had a great time with the team. The app was designed to be used primarily indoors and at night. The blacks were easy on your eyes and the low-contrast details became vivid in low light.