Gamer News Feed

GameInsidr is a concept by Opera, the web browser, that offers a marketplace for mobile games. Gamers can connect with game developers who can launch their new products directly to their biggest fans, give feedback, build hype, and create a community. I worked closely with the mobile development team to re-think the infrastructure of the app and to create a visual style guide for their design team to work from. Because this wasn't strictly UX work, I was responsible for creating all of the icons, patterns, and visual styles from scratch. All of the screens shown are examples of the platform in use.

The news feed is a series of cards that allowed gamers to quickly see what their friends have been playing and to discover contests or live-streams. Each card in the stream needed to have multiple areas for interaction including: a voting mechanism, a primary call to action (CTA), and a content identifier (e.g. live stream, contest, etc.). These cards also needed to be designed in a way that felt very different from one another, but didn't require unique code for each.