Dog Walker App

The brief: design a dog walker scheduling app where you can find a dog walker, see their schedule, book time and rate them. Creativity, exploration, and how you work are things we want to see.

Today our phones empower us to order everything on-demand. If you're looking for a ride: Uber. If you need a place to stay: AirBnB. Groceries: simple, just Instacart and you're done. I started by evaluating common interface trends throughout these apps and separated them into two buckets by priority of use cases: "right now" and "coming up."

Idea Generation

I started sketching every *reasonable* idea that came into my head. Like, what if I made a Tinder for dog walkers? Dogs that fit their criteria, or schedule, would appear and they swipe left & right. What if this app was Uber for dog walkers? I could just find the first-available roaming around and pay on a successful return. Maybe this app could schedule playdates with other dogs. I could pair with another pet-owner and pay them to monitor the play. What if I was just paying people to take my dog along when they went for a run or a hike?

User Validation

I quickly sketched a few of these ideas and asked my friends that own pets and my own personal dog walker, Adam, if they'd consider using any one of these ideas. They all generally had the same skepticisms around safety and key-swapping, but one idea really resonated with them.

"Yeah, I'd absolutely take a dog along when I run if you're going to pay me."

Visual Iteration

Runner is an app that connects busy dog owners with active people that enjoy going for runs, hikes, and walks in and around the city. Imagine getting paid to go for a hike this weekend or picking up a few extra bucks on your morning run.

The runner app displays all dogs available nearby and the price their owner is offering. Swipe through their detail cards to find one that's the right fit for your style of exercise. Review your new run-buddy at the end of each run so Runner (the app) can help pair dogs with the right runners more often