V2 unreleased
20 Life: MTG Counter

20 Life is a simple application intended to replace the use of 20 sided dice (p4.02) with a gesture based counting app. These dice are used by Magic The Gathering (trading card game) players to help keep track of "life" points (their score). The app allows two players to manage a single screen, split down the middle, by tapping and sliding.

I started on the white board by sorting ideas out into two lanes: user needs and design requirements. Discovering the user's needs and sorting them into categories of solutions helped define a clear direction for the app. I made a few quick sketches of potential UI elements and gestures to help me articulate the idea to potential users.

Two-Player Mode

I re-designed 20 Life with the introduction of iOS 8 and the emergence of new interface trends. You'll notice the aesthetic difference in p4.01 and p4.04. The functional changes were based 100% on user feedback (app reviews). I added support for up to 4 players, bluetooth connection between devices, and a single player mode. The app is available for download today ($0.99) on iOS and will be updated to version 2 soon! *fingers crossed*